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Step by step instructions for swiveling passenger out and docking the wheelchair for final slide out

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Motorised swivel

A motorized swivel is a key technology feature of our modern wheelchair transfer vehicle swivel seats. This feature allows the seat to swivel and rotate with the push of a button, making it easy for passengers to transfer between their wheelchair and the vehicle seat.


Safety sensors

Our wheelchair transfer vehicle swivel seats come equipped with safety sensors that prevent the seat from moving if there is an obstruction or if the seat is not properly locked into place. These sensors help ensure passenger safety during the transfer process.


Wired Control

wheelchair transfer vehicle swivel seats come with a wired control, allowing the passenger to control the swivel function and other seat adjustments independently. This feature can provide increased independence and control for passengers with limited mobility.


Powered by Car Battery

The device is powered by a car battery, which provides reliable and long-lasting power for extended use. This also makes it easy to recharge the battery when necessary.



Detachable Handrests

Our modern wheelchair transfer vehicles come equipped with detachable handrests. This feature allows passengers to easily transfer into and out of the vehicle without any obstruction. It also provides added comfort and support during transport.

Detachable Handrests

Seating Restraints

We understand the importance of safety during transportation. That's why our modern wheelchair transfer vehicles come equipped with seating restraints. These restraints provide added security for passengers during transport and ensure that they remain safely in their seat.

Vehicle Installation sites



Mumbai installation is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery. It includes a garage space that can accommodate up to 2 vehicles at a time.



Chennai-Pondicherry installation covers an area of 15,000 sqft and is equipped with the latest tools and equipment to provide efficient and reliable service. The garage space can accommodate up to 2 vehicles at a time.

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