Ergonomics of working from home during COVID

Ergonomics of working from home during COVID

posted on - 2022-09-08

Apart from taking micro-breaks to improve efficiency during work from home (WFH), working with the right posture, switching between postures and having an adequate space for ergonomic movement of different sections of the body can make a healthy difference to your work lifestyle.

As experienced from the current COVID scenario, sitting excessively for long hours under the following 3 positions : 1. Slump 2. Upright sitting 3. Forward leaning sit ; muscle fatigue increases significantly on the neck, shoulder, upper back, low back, hip/thigh and knee. Numerous studies rating the pain experienced on various body perceived scales show the extent of the problem and the pain-point. COVID scenario has further exacerbated this issue in many WFH households.

At Caruna, we work with a vision of addressing various pain points using our highly-skilled team and the science of biomechanics. We have hence created a fully-automatic standing desk based on the anthropometric dimensions of both genders, broad age-group, even considering users with locomotor problems. The desks have been designed to allow joints of varying degree of freedom to move in the space so amply provided.

A footrest that lends additional support to your feet is placed at the correct height for the average population lumbo-pelvic and hip joint positions.

Using a standing table in standing position with one leg on a footrest for better support


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