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A. CSS (Caruna Swivel Seat) A mechanism fit below vehicle seat carefully brings out passenger approximately 120 degrees swivel outside the door. Nearly half of the passenger’s body is then outside the vehicle. This makes it easy for a passenger to easily get in and out of vehicle. Swivel seats are suitable for persons having a minimum range of locomotor mobility. Completely paralyzed persons might find it difficult to use a swivel seat alone. For such cases, we recommend use of additional accessories to enable wheelchair to swivel seat transfers.
B. CMS (Complete Mobility Solution) A complete solution where vehicle seat with paraplegic passenger can be pulled out of vehicle and slid onto a wheelchair trolley. It can be used as a normal wheelchair from there on out.

Swivel seat mechanisms fit into most types of vehicles. The mechanism is of standard size. The vehicle structure or electronics are not altered during the fitting of these mechanisms.
The CMS wheelchair is compact size and fit into boot of even the smallest of cars. Interested buyers will need to let us know your car size, model in advance. The vehicle structure or electronics are not altered during the fitting of these mechanisms.

Swivel seats may be used by persons who are able to walk / stand with support and have hand grip potential.
Complete Mobility Solution may be utilized by persons with more acute locomotor mobility issues i.e. use wheelchairs, gait devices for walking, and other accessories.
Persons with following conditions have been successfully using our devices:

  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Muscular dystrophy
  • Atypical Parkinson's
  • Lennox-Gastaut Patients and children
  • Various grades of arthritis
  • Accident patients
  • Spinal injury patients (L3-L5)

Passengers are usually manually lifted or lowered by an able-bodied helper or occupational nurse or family member. The person lifting/lowering are also susceptible to suffer from injuries during this process. On another note, the dignity and independence of the passenger is preserved by usage of the correct accessibility devices.

Installation in customer's vehicles are executed at Mumbai (dealer) and Pondicherry. Customers need to drive down their vehicle for installations.

The vehicle may be brought to Caruna's workshops and following steps would be executed subsequently:
  1. Vehicle inspection
  2. Seat modification
  3. Passenger person measurements
  4. Testing of device
  5. Road testing
  6. Customer training
  7. Delivery (4-5 days after receiving the vehicle)

Fixing a driver's swivel seat is possible through "Adapted vehicle" certification in your local RTO. Driver side fittings need to follow rules of the Motor Vehicle Act.
TATA Motors have evinced keen interest in our product and we are constantly working on ensuring our products to meet their safety standards and requirements.

As these are customized products built for the patient, kindly do not hesitate to contact us. You may claim a consultation with our experts

Think of most modern electric wheelchairs. The price ranges between Rs 1,00,000/- to Rs 2,50,000/- and upwards. The solution being provided provides passengers the double advantage of traveling safely in a vehicle and also using the same vehicle seat as a wheelchair. Along with this, avoidance of various other injuries during accidental falls from vehicle transfers ( a common problem) make these devices worth their buck.
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