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Structural stability of mechanisms and wheelchairs

Structural stability of mechanisms and wheelchairs

Mechanisms serve a purpose of enhancing human mobility or accommodating for movement when there is a lack of it due to certain physical conditions of the patient. There are various types of mechanisms used in the automotive industry as a mobility aid. They are distinguished by the way they are powered:
1. Electric
2. Hydraulic
3. Compressed air

Each of the above has their...

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The Advantages of Crash Safe Automotive Swivel Seats over Local Customizations

Introduction: The need for Crash-Safe Automotive Swivel Seats

Automotive swivel seats are an essential innovation for individuals with mobility impairments. These seats make it easier for them to enter and exit the car, which greatly improves their quality of life. However, installing swivel seats is not a simple matter of attaching a new seat to the car’s floor.

Why Roadside...
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